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First and Foremost, Thank You for your interest to our company, I was told by my Marketing / Branding Team to write a very professionl write-up to introduce this dream we started almost a decade ago, first after scribbling through many pages, I just came to the conclusion, professionalism as much as I emphasize in this story I can only write from my heart.

I have started this dream a decade ago, with 6 of my colleagues and I am so proud to say they are still my old vanguards. Today we boast many state of the art machinery world class skilled force many new departments, but the same old souls behinery it the same old ideology and same old passion that drives it every inch forward till date. No matter how big or small this dream might end up being, but our founding principle remains the same which is "Every Worker Is Our Family, And Every Buyer Is partner."

It breaks my heart, when our company, is branded along whit this great industry of ours here in bangladesh, as sweat shops, and so many other name-calling, yes I know we are poor, as a nation, but this company of ours, we are all equals, if this is sweat shop, then I am its first victim.

Over the year, I had privilege to meet great new people, and had great new experiences, learned a whole lot about fashion and did not realize when was it that I got addicted to this industry. I guess the challenge was the ever changing structure of this great industry, which I came to love and respect, it never made me stop runing to keep pace with the new technologies, new patterns, new fabrics, ans yes new designs.

Syed Abu Yousuf Abdullah
Founder & Chairman
Mitali Group.

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