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Mitali Group production facilities are vertically integrated to facilitate all the processes involved in garment manufacture in-house. Be it fabric cutting, fusing, finishing or packing, the company has invested heavily in state-of-the art machinery to carry out these tasks flawlessly. These investments therefore contribute to higher efficiency in productivity and market for lower costs of production-a benefit that is passed on to the customer. It integration is a key differentiator of Mitali Group from other companies. It is EDI compliant with most of its buyers, and has invested in a customized IT package. This package enables its staff as well as buyers and suppliers to access information they require regarding anything from garment specification to delivery schedules.

On behalf of Mitali Group I express my heart full gratitude to every individual in our Mitali Family and sincere appreciation to all our customers & suppliers for their continuous support & co-operation.

Syed Ehsan Abdullah
Managing Director
Mitali Group.

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